To ensure the protection of human subjects, all research investigators and staff must complete and show verification of online research ethics and compliance training via the CITI Program.

Logging In

There are two ways to log in to CITI Program's Learning Management System (LMS):

(1) CITI Program credentials
(2) Your organization's Single Sign On (SSO) credentials (BayCare does not use Single Sign On)

If you are new to CITI Program, and your organization does not use Single Sign On (SSO), you will need to REGISTER (create) a new account, which will include creating a CITI username and password.

If you have already created an account with a CITI Program username and password, click on the LOG IN tab and enter your credentials.

Get started at

View this PDF with detailed instructions.

For a list of our required courses, see the CITI Requirements for Research at BayCare. Should you have any additional questions, please contact the IRB Office.

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