• How can I gain access as an affiliated office staff?
    Your sponsoring physician or their assigned delegate will need to submit an electronic office staff access request form after logging into BayCare's Providers Portal.
  • How can a physician assign a delegate?
    A credentialed physician can submit a delegate assignment request via the electronic Request for Office staff Access form.
  • How do I login to access BayCare Applications through VDI Workspace?
    Connect to the VDI Workspace site and enter your assigned BayCare ID along with your password you created.
  • How do I login to Providers Portal?
    Enter your assigned BayCare ID with appended to the end (that is, along with your password you created.
  • What can I expect once access has been requested on my behalf?
    Once office staff access has been requested and approved by the sponsoring physician, office staff will receive a Confidentiality Agreement that must be electronically Docusigned. Once completed access will be granted 24-48hrs after completion.
  • Who do I contact to check the status of my access request?
    You can contact our IS Service Desk at (727) 467-4700 to request a status update.
  • How do I get connected once my access is granted?
    You will receive a 'Welcome' email with instructions on how to get connected.  Users will need to login to after setup.
  • What is the BayCare login policy?

    Users must login every 35-days to maintain their account.  After 35-days accounts are suspended, but core access to applications is still in place. To remedy this please contact BayCare’s IS 
    Service Desk at (727) 467-4700 to have your account reinstated. 

    If your account is in a suspended state for 60 days or longer, the account will be disabled and a new request for access form will need to be submitted by sponsoring physician or their assigned delegate.

  • What is a User Access Review (UAR)?
    A User Access Review is a semi-annual verification of office staff employment and their level of access to PHI (Protected Health Information). This verifies that staff are still employed to assure secure access to BayCare Applications.
  • How do I access & complete the semi-annual User Access Review (UAR)?
    When the User Access Review campaign is active, Physicians & Delegates can login to the virtual desktop VDI Workspace to complete.

For application & login assistance, please contact our 24/7 BayCare IS Service Desk at (727) 467-4700.


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