Congratulations to Our 2020 Physician Leadership Institute Graduates

On Wednesday, June 17, BayCare celebrated the graduation of its fourth group of Clinician Leaders.

The Physician Leadership Program, established in 2014 and re-introduced as the Physician Leadership Institute in 2019, is based upon our belief that clinician leadership is key to the success of our health system.

The goal of the program is to deliver leadership training that enables physicians to lead in the delivery of extraordinary health care. The combination of a formal curriculum and social engagement provides the core model for a comprehensive and sustainable leadership program.

Clinicians are nominated for program participation by senior leaders who have been identified as having leadership potential. Participants are respected by their peers, are committed to the community and exhibit the values of the organization.

Following the completion of a 10-month program, graduates are looked upon as an ever-increasing active voice in our system, participating in and leading initiatives that drive clinical and operational standards of excellence.

Join us in congratulating our 56 clinician graduates, including six graduates of the Turley Family Practice residency leadership track.

Here is a full roster of the 2019-2020 Aspiring Executive Physician Leadership Institute graduates and their specialties:

  • Parul Aneja, MD, Infectious Diseases
  • Brett Armstrong, MD, Surgery
  • Jolanta Baginski, APRN, APRN - Surgery
  • Danielle Bell, PA-C, Physician Assistant - Acute Care
  • Brien Bourbeau, APRN, APRN-Acute Care
  • Julie Braddy-Roberts, MD, Family Medicine
  • Claire Cascio, DO, Family Medicine
  • Nathan Falk, MD, Family Medicine
  • Stephanie Fenlon, DO, Internal Medicine
  • Grant Geissler, MD, Pediatric Surgery
  • Liji George, MD, Family Medicine
  • Jerril Green, MD, Pediatric Critical Care
  • Phillips Harrington, MD, Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Kristin Hertweck, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Monte Hill, MD, Family Medicine
  • HaiDang Hoang, DO, Family Medicine
  • Christa Hodges, PA-C, Physician Assistant - Acute Care
  • Matthew Hudkins, MD, Anesthesiology
  • Jonathan Hussain, DO, Internal Medicine
  • Martin Iwanowski, DO, Emergency Medicine
  • Shahnaz Kazi, MD, Family Medicine
  • Dora Kirschweng, DO, Internal Medicine
  • Robert Kopec, MD, IM/Infectious Disease
  • Joseph Korah, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Barry Kraus, MD, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Francis LaBarbera, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Aaron Lozano, MD, Family Medicine
  • Josh Mandel, MD, Family Medicine
  • Gregory Marolf, MD, Family Medicine
  • Katherine Matlock, DO, Family Medicine
  • Brittany Moore, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Valeria Moore, PsyD, Psychologist
  • Emily Ostrowski, MD, Family Medicine
  • Paolina Pantcheva, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Nirav Patel, MD, Pulmonary Disease
  • Mona Prabhu, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Michael Ragone, DO, Internal Medicine
  • Hasan Rasheed, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Daniel Rozas, MD, Pulmonary Disease
  • Susan Shafii, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Darshan Shah, MD, Family Medicine
  • Ahmad Shaker, MD, Hematology/Oncology
  • Robert Shibata, MD, Pathology
  • Michael B Small, MD, Gastroenterology
  • Cicily Stanton, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Jason Stanton, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Lauren Stewart, APRN, APRN - Surgery
  • Lindsay Summer, APRN, APRN - Acute Care
  • Megan Tirone, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Andrea Torres, APRN, APRN - Acute Care
  • Nii Sai Torto, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • David Toturgul, MD, Pediatrics
  • Amy Tower, MD, Psychiatry
  • Elvia Vallejo, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Naa Sika Williams, MD, Family Medicine - Turley Resident
  • Ekaterina Zabakhidze, MD, Internal Medicine
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